Roadside Magazine Photo Archives

In these strange times that have idled so many of us, stoked the flames in the old scanner to digitize even more of the Roadside Magazine photo archives. By the latter half of the 1990s, I stopped sending out film to mail-order developers for prints and instead used a local photo vendor that skipped the print making process. As a result, there are perhaps a thousand images that not only never made it to the magazine or website, but I never really seen them before. Some of these, like the one here, I completely forgot about.Better late than never, I guess?

In any case, they’re not doing anyone any good sitting in storage. Hope you’re enjoying them.

Please keep in mind that these images are mostly unedited and uncorrected. The negatives were not properly archived and stored until recently. Some sat in envelopes for over a decade before I finally had the time and foresight to scan and protect them. What you’re looking at is, essentially, the cutting room floor of a small, bootstrapped magazine and website. They represent, to me at least, a moment in time before the world changed in one big lurch — and not necessarily for the better.