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Doug & Polly Smith, Photographed in Grand Island, NY, 2000.

Remembering Doug Smith, king of the roadside

One of the more rewarding parts of my work with Roadside Magazine has steadily turned into one of its saddest. A magazine about classic diners and other roadside attractions started while in my 30s predictably turned out readers older than myself, who often became an invaluable resource for us. They directed me to many hidden gems, and their colorful stories about the era where the diner reigned as queen of the roadside gave urgency to our mission. Members of this generation became some of our biggest fans, and some became good friends.

Yesterday, I had the sad honor of attending a memorial service for the dearest of these friends, Doug Smith. If you don’t recall the name, you might when you combine it with that of his indefatigable wife, Polly, his co-pilot of nearly 58 years. Continue reading Remembering Doug Smith, king of the roadside